There are many reasons why a denture may hurt.  One of the major factors is the loss of fit.  The denture will move up and down on the tissues and cause irritations or sore spots.  A person may have lost a lot of weight, which would cause the gums or tissue to shrink.  Unfortunately, the denture does not shrink along with the tissue.  Therefore, the denture may start to feel loose.

Secondly, the denture may hurt due to excessive wearing of the dentures.  This means many patients will wear them all day long.  They may never be removing them.  The proper way is to remove the dentures at night before going to bed.  This allows the gums and tissues to relax and stay firm.  Many times when a denture is worn constantly the tissue becomes way loose and flabby along the ridge.  When this occurs the dentures begin to move as well.  The gum tissue on the patients’ ridges should be hard and firm.   This allows for a more stable fit.

In some cases dentures may hurt due to long standing wearing of dentures.  Patients, who have worn dentures for a good part of their lives, often have reduced jawbones due to lack of support.  In these cases the ridges become very thin over years of wearing the dentures.  The ridges become so thin that the nerve becomes close to the surface causing severe pain when the dentures are placed.  Bone addition or augmentation can sometimes be done to raise the ridge again to allow a base to build up on.

In many cases denture pain can be overcome.  It may simply be by adjusting the dentures.  In other cases, tissue may need to be removed to firm up the ridges.  Lastly, implants may be an option to help stabilize a patient’s denture.

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